Uptown Male is More Than a Barbershop.

Uptown Male is not your average barber shop. Tired of hearing every other guy in town’s conversations, annoyed by the sound of the hair clippers and hair dryers buzzing, and barbers talking over it all, while everyone gets the same haircut in one big, open room? Ready for a more personalized level of service? At Uptown Male, each client is cared for in an individual room. The atmosphere is more of a relaxed, chill club than a bustling barber shop. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t your typical “frou-frou” day spa, we won’t offer you a green juice and play new age music – instead, we have big screen TVs and a complimentary bourbon bar. 

We offer expert services for all of your grooming needs – from haircuts and beard trims, fingernail and toenail grooming, to waxing and skin treatment services for wrinkle diminishing as well as acne reduction. Book your visit today and experience the difference at Uptown Male Spa and Skincare Center for yourself!